How am I doing?

fallingI am okay. Tired, kinda freaked … definitely lonely but okay. Because he was sick so long and I had an intimate view of the ongoing decline, I have been grieving and preparing for this quite some time. I also had plenty of time to hang, mourn, cocoon and heal with my fam.

I am back in the city now, back in my apartment, tomorrow I’ll be back to work.  It is surreal, a bit daunting, even though I know I am going to be fine and sometime soon things will improve. They will even be somewhat spectacularly better. Don’t know how I know that, but I do.

Yet, I feel anxious. To combat that I am focusing on the near term. Tomorrow, Rufus and I will resume our West Village morning strolls. I’ll go to work, where I’ll throw myself back into the mix and laugh once again with my buds. Then at night, back to my Yoga class here in the city. This weekend, I’ll head to Montreal for a dear friend’s wedding. A happy adventure and a welcome change of pace.



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2 responses to “How am I doing?

  1. superdave524

    Morning strolls are good.

  2. yes, yes they are. the longer the better. setting my alarm now!

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