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the creative process

Last night some work buds and I went to see The September Issue, a documentary about worldwide fashion icon Anna Wintour, the famous/infamous editor of American Vogue. She’s the larger than life boss upon which the runaway bestselling book and hit film The Devil Wears Prada is based.

The film was fascinating, amusing and had so very much to relate to for anyone who works in a creative environment. The drama. The tension. The meltdowns. The button-pushing. The striving. The collaboration. The rivalry. The diplomacy. The brilliance. The callousness. The waste. The work itself is not the challenge. It’s getting the people to work together to do it.

33andahalfAm also reading a book about the making of The Rolling Stones’ Exile on Main St. Totally fascinating to hear how that record was put together and all that went into it. It sounded utterly chaotic. So much was random. Yet so much of it was the product of their years of experience together (not random).

There is a beautiful thing that happens when a team, a unit evolves to a superior level of performance. You can’t systematize it. You can’t acquire it. It’s evolution. The only way you arrive upon that point is by all moving forward together.


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172aw_foiamy friend got FOIA’d by a reporter for a political newspaper, of which you are likely aware. 

she is a “high ranking official” in government. Under the Freedom of Information Act her email correspondence could be subpoenaed and reviewed by said journalist.

consequently work email is hardly used in said government institution. most contentious discussions are done in person, or over PERSONAL email. what’s on the record is only a snapshot of the reality. but it does say something.

some arrogant political dopes still use their work email and IM for contentious matters, providing ample fodder for late night comedians.

if someone read your email for days on end, what kind of picture of you would it convey? how much do you care? (i care more than i want to, that’s for damned certain.)

said friend had to deal with her first taste of tough press  coverage. that feeling of vulnerability and takes a significant level of zen to detach and not let it bother you. or to minimize its impact. my advice is not to get dragged down by the negative stuff or get too high on the good stuff. that which comes up, must come down. you can’t believe the hype or take any of it personally. easier said than done, though, i am sure.


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monday midday dance party!

these chicks look kinda fun, don’t ya think?

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bday girlz

happybirthdaySeptember is a big birthday month for the people I love. Unfortunately I just remembered that now.

September 15 – Ashleigh

September 22 – Meg

September 23 – Cuz Kate and Kesha

September 25 – Crust

September 29 – Ali

With any luck each bday girl got so much of this that neglect from moi didn’t matter! (c’mon … tell me that song isn’t hilarious).

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how i feel


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sf trip recap


honey, i’m home! back in nyc. feeling weird, wondering wtf now. but alas, i will figure it all out. SF was fun. hung with bro kev and tara and had QT with my dear pal K. here’s kev with seamus:


here’s tara with the puppers at fort funston.


the work stuff all went good. my boss rocked his speech. back here in ny, fall is in full swing. am up in monroe with my mom and the pups. missing my pops. planning for the future. foremost of which is my halloween costume.

this is how i feel:

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Greetings from SF

1stPlaceSanFranciscoCableCarsAm here for a work confab. Boss participating in a tech keynote. I love not being cooped up in the office. I love having space. This is a good, open place to be. Granted if this was home it too would lose its novelty. I’d eventually take on commitments, and find things I don’t like about it. Wherever you go, there you are as the saying goes. I’m too old – or I should say wise — to believe in a geographical cure for life’s ills. Your issues come with. That said, I might still want a change of scene.


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