i love my jimmy

jimmy fallon is doing a great job with his new show. i dvr it every night and watch it often. he’s temporaily edged out ellen in my media life, in fact, because she was in summer re-runs for so long. jimmy’s  evolved from a goofy SNL kid to a clever, edgy owning-his-own comedy show guy. IMO. then again, i have always been a fan so it’s unsurprising that i dig him in the new joint, especially since he’s backed by one of my favoritist hip hop bands, whom i’ve seen live countless times… the roots. he does fun stuff with his audience too — in studio and online. they picked an online submission of mine from yesterday. “photoshop fun: what’s joe biden holding?” visit the web site to see my entry.



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  1. superdave524

    Now that’s funny stuff, right there! I immediately assumed dental floss, and was not disappointed that a kindred spirit saw the same thing.

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