rufie bear


sometimes i can’t get over how awesome my pup is. it’s kind of ridiculous how much love he gives, and how much i love him. everyday, people freak out when they see him. he is a unique looking canine, and his personality is evident on his mug. the way he came into my life followed the classic pattern of good things arriving in the disguise of bad things. i abruptly found myself without a home, at christmas, around the same time i learned my dad only had months to live. by a stroke of luck i landed in an apartment that permitted me to have a dog. i commenced with a search, going to the city pounds 2 to 4 times a week, hoping to find “the one.” there were many cuties, but nothing seemed to work out.  months passed and it still hadn’t happened. i became obsessed with one day while i was at my parents’ house after an exhausting trip to sloan kettering i came across rufus’ profile. i immediately called the rescue group and arranged for him to be tranported up north.

he is all kinds of awesome, my bestie to a tee. and had all that crappy stuff not happened as it did, or if i’d forced it with the wrong pup, he wouldn’t be here with me now. my mom dropped him off to get groomed this am (while i slept til 10 a.m.!). he got a bath and nails trimmed. the groomer said that his recent erratic behavior is a manifestation of grief. animals take on the emotions and energies of their owners. she said to be patient as this could last for a while. it all makes sense. sigh. i wish i could fast forward through it but that’s not how life works. i’m also hoping (and trusting) that my quest for a HUMAN partner … “the one” … will turn out as fittingly… and will yield a man who’s as right for me as is the rufie bear.



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5 responses to “rufie bear

  1. Breaking news: he’s all kinds of handsome, too.

  2. oh yeah, that too. all the kenny men are handsome it seems. it’s in his genes. ; )

  3. superdave524

    Abundantly cool canine.

  4. WHAT a sweetheart! That face! Him loves you so muchly much.

  5. thanks guys. i loves him muchly much too

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