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heart-chakraSummer’s over. I was always the little girl who kinda liked going back to school, because as much as I loved the imagination and leisure of summer, I was good at school. It brought a different kind of fulfillment.

Ma said today she thinks I kinda get screwed financially because my talents straddle the line between creative and business. I don’t cash in on either side … I just walk the line. Gotta love a mother’s take. (They’re not biased at all.)

The weekend was restful. I really needed it. Lots of family time, pup time, sleeping and relaxing. It will take a while to really recover, I know. We’ve been to battle, and nothing will heal us but time. Fortunately, I find myself falling back into a tight-knit network of support. So much love, so many people have really showed up. Lucky.

Tonight, I am chillin’ in Monroe, preparing for a big week ahead. While I have many more questions than answers about what the hell to do with myself in the weeks and months to come, I have a block of peace and confidence right in my heart center letting me know that all will be good. That’s another quality I’ve been fortunate to have since I was a little girl: faith.


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