Hello lovers. A simple update is what I offer.

1)  Sorry — the top banner here looks crappy. I want to reinvigorate the design of this space. I’m experimental one moment, lazy the next. I’m investigating new templates and considering having a custom header made. In the meantime, colsblog looks a little lame. Patience, grasshopper.

2)  The response to the “Set me up challenge” has been scattered. I moved a former classmate to a state of rage … my megalomaniacal tendencies being too much for him to handle. Other pals – from “real” life and the blogosphere proposed some set ups, or noted what, unfortunately, they have no one geographically suitable to offer up. One beloved pal’s husband called the idea innovative. Which made me feel slightly less dorky. Still, no new setups as a result of the challenge. Am using my Zen Col powers to turn this matter over to a Higher Power. Patience, grasshopper.

“Everything on earth is beautiful, everything — except what we ourselves think and do when we forget the higher purposes of life and our own human dignity.”
– Anton Chekhov


3)      Fall. I just love it. The new clothes. The smell in the air. The romance of a new season.

4)      Heading to SF next week for a work thing. Excited to see Bro Kev, Tara, the puppers and my dear pal Kris.

5)      Rufus is back to normal! He is a happy love bug again. We have had three successful, non-violent jaunts to the dog park. He is no longer attacking everybody on the street. He is happy as a clam trotting alongside me, and cuddling like a Rufie bear at night.

6)      Real Housewives of Late Night. Have you seen it? You should.


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