as demanded … fall 2009 songlist

naragirlguitarWonder Woman — Super Heroes Invasion
Girlfriend — Phoenix
Everything Has Changed — Lucinda Williams
Don’t Be Shy — Cat Stevens
I’d Like to Walk Around Your Mind — Vashti Bunyan
Why Do You Let Me Stay Here — She & Him
Top Yourself — The Raconteurs
Honest I Do — Jimmy Reed
Let’s Take A Walk — Raphael Saadiq
Lay It Down — Peter Bjorn & John
Born a Woman — Nick Lowe
Keep a Cool Head — Desmond Dekker and the Aces
Rise Above — The Dirty Projectors
It’s All Right — The Impressions



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2 responses to “as demanded … fall 2009 songlist

  1. Alona

    Thank you!!! Love it! I also love you for putting the utube links.. you da best!xx

  2. anything for u sister. love and miss you!! xoxo

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