famous deaths this year*

FountainOfTheSkullBea Arthur
Billy Mays
David Carradine
Dom DeLuise
Dominick Dunne
Don Hewitt
Ed McMahon
Ted Kennedy
Farrah Fawcett
Fran McCourt
Jack Kemp
Jett Travolta
John Hughes
John Updike
Karl Malden
Les Paul
Michael Jackson
Natasha Richardson
Patrick Swayze
Ricardo Montalban
Robert Novak
Steve McNair
Walter Cronkite
Mike Tyson’s Daughter Exodus
Socks the cat
Jade Goody
Robert McNamara
Chuck Daly
Gidget the Taco Bell Dog
Mary Travers

*who am I missing?



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4 responses to “famous deaths this year*

  1. Bro Bri

    The US alliance with Poland and the Czech Republic?

  2. Liam's mom

    Daisy (Jessica Simpson’s dog who was snatched by a coyote)

  3. good job guys. this is feeding into my halloween costume so please keepem coming!


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