172aw_foiamy friend got FOIA’d by a reporter for a political newspaper, of which you are likely aware. 

she is a “high ranking official” in government. Under the Freedom of Information Act her email correspondence could be subpoenaed and reviewed by said journalist.

consequently work email is hardly used in said government institution. most contentious discussions are done in person, or over PERSONAL email. what’s on the record is only a snapshot of the reality. but it does say something.

some arrogant political dopes still use their work email and IM for contentious matters, providing ample fodder for late night comedians.

if someone read your email for days on end, what kind of picture of you would it convey? how much do you care? (i care more than i want to, that’s for damned certain.)

said friend had to deal with her first taste of tough press  coverage. that feeling of vulnerability and takes a significant level of zen to detach and not let it bother you. or to minimize its impact. my advice is not to get dragged down by the negative stuff or get too high on the good stuff. that which comes up, must come down. you can’t believe the hype or take any of it personally. easier said than done, though, i am sure.



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2 responses to “FOIA’d!

  1. Brady

    I actually think about this. Not the subpoena thing, because I can’t imagine any part of the government ever caring two craps about what I do. But I think that if someone went back over my emails to friends and family for…well, since email was invented, they’d get a very accurate picture of me. Then again, I tend to write long, detailed emails.

  2. col

    actually B, you also write terse and cryptic emails on occasion. just sayin’

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