i love the concept of regeneration. you’re not casting off your core … you are merely evolving, renewing. if you are going to be happy in this life, you must regenerate. disappointments happen. tragedies happen. random events occur throwing us out of our comfort zones. you have to shed the dead skin. leave that which you’ve outgrown or outlived behind. it’s sad when people are involved. i hate goodbyes. this week i ended it with a therapist i’ve been seeing for 5+ years. she agreed i was ready. we hugged and cried and recapped the “greatest hits” in my personal development. “i thought it was a great move when you bleached your hair!” she said. cute.the core of who you are is always there. the core people who are in your heart, in your self-created family are there. when one energy leaves, a new one arrives. such is life. i’ve posted this before, but think it bears repeating … this fabulous little animated video for the  jdilla song “nothing like this”:



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3 responses to “regeneration

  1. You know what? I love the concept, too.

    I heart you so much.

  2. Um yeah…have you been poking around my brain lately?

    I love this…

  3. col

    laurzipan and Twitter Ma (need to clarify that U R “Twitter” Ma as opposed to “real life” Ma. Because my term of endearment for my mother is “Ma” and she might otherwise be confused by this comment):

    GLAD U LIKE. so important to let go of what no longer enhances our lives. when the lesson’s over, leave the classroom. that’s how we grow. (obvs. i write these things as a means of talking myself into them!)

    so sending mad crazy love back at you.

    and Twitter Ma, welcome to my blogroll (under pals!)

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