Colloween approaches

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Costumes, wigs, revelry, candy. So many things I love. Each year, I attempt to embody something or someone from the zeitgeist.

Last year I was The Housing Bubble:


In 2007, I was the moronic Miss South Carolina.


The year before, the recently deceased Steve Irwin.

Two years before that, I was Mauled Roy Horn.


As articulated here on colsblog, I used to have a policy against gratuitously slutty costumes. That sanctimonious stance has ebbed as I’ve aged. At 34 I can admit that slutty’s fun, and I love my sexy self.

Just so happens, however, that my getup this year will completely obscure my feminine features. It might even be a little bit scary. I have procured the main piece of the costume and am now working out the details which, of course, make or break an ensemble.


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