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meditate on this…

The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.
— Albert Einstein

song for this sentiment: tape loop by moorcheeba

Today’s Gift:

I love him and I cannot seem to find him.

Where can we find the ones we love? Do they always live in our world, or do we have to go out of our way? They often are not at home; we can find them at their work. Their play is different from ours; we could try having their kind of fun.

Too often, we look only for friends who are much like ourselves, and we tend to avoid those who are not. This kind of narrow-mindedness isn’t fair to others or ourselves. We are each unique, like the pieces of a puzzle. We are each necessary to the whole picture.

When we go out of our way to know someone else better, we stretch our own boundaries; we give ourselves new space in which to grow.



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the challenge: to create a songlist

to go with this product. help a girl out, yo — gimme songs!


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passive manipulation

i love this little white stripes ditty. it’s sung by meg, written by jack and the words are:

Women, listen to your mothers
don’t just succumb to the wishes of your brothers
take a step back, take a look at one another
you need to know the difference, between a father and a lover

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soundtrack for the disgruntled

laurie tagged me to put together a soundtrack of my experience in corporate america. in general, i’m not disgruntled. i have a sweet position where i get to pretty much do whatever i want and am occasionally called upon to crank out some highly impersonal, highly intelligent words about the financial and strategic doings of a mega corporation. the work itself is easy and i get along great with my boss. plus there’s a lot of downtime in which i get to do this blog and focus my creative energies elsewhere. yet from time to time i do have to cop a suit and go to boring ass meetings attended by sniveling ass kissers. i try to keep quiet, fly under the radar. it seems to work. but i still feel for my less fortunate colleagues in corporate america. and for them, i present this list (kind of like my own twist on the office space soundtrack):

1. Slave ─ The Rolling Stones
2. Short People ─ Randy Newman
3. C.R.E.A.M ─ Wu-Tang Clan
4. Bang on the Drum ─ Todd Rundgren
5. The Harder THEY Come ─ Jimmy Cliff
6. I Ain’t Goin Out Like That─ Cypress Hill
7. Thrasher ─ N.E.R.D.
8. It’s All About the Benjamins ─ Puff Daddy & the Family
9. Chain Gang ─ Sam Cooke
10. Hair of the Dog ─ Nazareth


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knockin’ boots and beats

D’Angelo “One Mo’gin” (2000) +
Slum Village “Climax” (2000)
________________________ =
Pharoahe Monch “So Good” (2006)


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a bit late to the party but

still worth rockin’ out to gossip’s video for listen up

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love blues: a mix

twisted litte man – michael j. sheehy
how to fight loneliness – wilco
little girl blue – nina simone
one man guy – rufus wainwright
heart of life – john mayer
lover you should have come over – jeff buckley
baby’s coming back to me – jarvis cocker
me & bobby mcgee – chris christopherson
selah – lauryn hill
many rivers to cross – jimmy cliff
i second that emotion – smokey robinson
what am i gonna do with myself? – al green
let it be – aretha franklin
farther along – mississippi john hurt

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