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prince charming: appointment required

prince-williami was putting laurzipan in a taxi, only 9 pm when a tall, handsome, british accented bloke in a suit walked over to me and said, “excuse me, but i just noticed you have a beautiful smile. would you like to grab a drink?” he had a clean vibe … cheesy as it sounds i can read people’s auras and there was nothing sinister about him. in fact there was something quite interesting and kind.  i was so flustered … distracted by the suit (he was wearing a pinstriped suit) and the surprise of it all… that i paused to think about it. “OK,” I said. “Sure let’s walk over to Hudson Street and get a beer.” But by then he had changed his mind. “”Well you seem all taken aback by it, maybe it’s not such a good idea.” I said, “No really, let’s go.” But by then he was shaking his head and walking the other way.

Score another for the Tales of Awkward!



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