¿quien es col?

colartsyhi, it’s me col here. i’m a girl. i live in new york city. i’m a writer. i love music. i love my family and friends, my cat – aretha – and my dog – rufus.

writing, music, family, friends and animals bring me joy. blogging brings me joy. i like to make things, especially fun.


8 responses to “¿quien es col?

  1. Hey Col!

    It’s been a while since we last spoke. How have you been?

    Anyhow, here’s a link to one of the pieces I recorded:



    Marco Harder

  2. Stayback

    Hey there Col. I finally figured out that you had a blog/page what ever we can call this location here, that is really no where. I look forward to reading more of your words of wit and rantings.

  3. Hi col, I was looking for something in internet and I found a blog (from a guy named Barry) where somebody mentioned me like a guy with a non easy last name.
    At what school did you guys go? It strange this situation beacuase it been a lots of years that I left your country. It funny to see that somebody can remember my name after all these years.
    Sorry for my complicated english but I live in a spanish speaking country.
    I remenber a teachers name that was misses Nestler.
    It interesting than you posted something of Rubén Dario.
    Well Buy. It`s weird, but maybe you and those limited speakers where in the same class than me. If it is that way a send to you a big salute with a very deep conciosness ( I dont now if it writeble this way) of time and space.
    Good luck in your life.
    Hugo Partucci

  4. hugo — is that you, for reals? i am not sure if i believe it. barry and jacob might be yanking my chain. yours in elevated consciousness, col

  5. Hugo Partucci

    Hi Col, yes I’m Hugo. I went to the Ann Blanche Smith School in New Jersey. I’m trying to remenber haw could you guys look like when we was at 6,7 or 8 years old. I remember some friends I had but i’m very bad with the names.
    It was realy strange that somebody of one of the school’s that I went in the United States remembered me and my complicated name.
    Will be in contact for remembering.
    Good Luck in your life…..
    A big hug…..

  6. matthewjamesorlando

    Hey Col….I was searching around for people who attended this event and came across your page. You wouldn’t happen to be an explorer? I only ask because I had someone named Colleen that I was supposed to meet but never met 😦

  7. hi matthew james orlando. yes i was categorized as an explorer.

  8. matthewjamesorlando

    Ahhh!!! According to my little booklet, you were one of five females I had to meet but unfortunately I didn’t see you in the crowd. Nice idea, poorly executed!

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